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Date:  June 15, 2016


The Mobile Airport Authority , Brookley Field, Mobile, Alabama ("MAA”) is seeking competitive proposals from qualified design professionals to provide standard architectural and engineering related services for its public improvements and property rehabilitation projects associated with federal grant funds, including, but not limited to Community Development Block Grant and HOME Investment Partnerships funding.


TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE for this Project. The Architect/Engineer must be available immediately after selection is made.   




I.                    Introduction 

II.                  Scope of Work         

III.                Required Professional Qualifications      

IV.               Format for Responses

V.                 Submittal of Proposals

VI.               Selection Criteria and Schedule

VII.             Other Conditions

VIII.           Disclosures

IX.               Reservation of Rights

X.                 EDA Preliminary Engineering Report Requirements


I.             Introduction


MAA requires the services of a qualified architect to assist MAA in the design of the Alabama Aerospace Innovation Research Center (hereinafter, "the Projects”) funded with Community Development Block Grant.


Project Description:


The Alabama Aerospace Innovation Research Center (A2IRc) complex an approx. 80,000 sf. facility spread across three buildings the Atrium, Gallery, and Commander’s Building. Each joined by towering 30 ft. wide and 60 ft. wide naturally lit common halls leading to an enormous common patio amenity. A2IRc serves as a gateway to an additional adjoining 260,000 sf. equally divided into 12 bays of 21,600 sf. The requested services are the renovations / improvements to the building shell only for future build-out noted below.  The physical address is 2080 S Board Street, Mobile, AL.


Atrium bookends the Commander’s building to the West, an approximately 25,000 SF facility, with a distinctive 30 ft. wide hall and a reaching roof line with wrap around high windows flooding the space with natural light highlighting the original steel girders.  The Atrium will serve as a collaborative home for Alabama’s two year and four year institutions; bringing together multi-disciplined and diverse intellectual capacity seamlessly focusing on in­dustry’s most pressing issues and opportunities. It will include shared innovation cafe/laboratory, machining and rapid prototyping space, theater style lecture hall (VTC), and a nationally renowned artist in residence specializing in mechanically inspired metal mixed media sculpture.


The Commander’s Building is the focal point of the Alabama Aerospace Innovation and

Research Center; an approximately 30,000 sf, two story, brick and art deco facility, with marquis presence at the core of the park and ideally positioned astride the main artery, Broad Street. 


The Gallery, bookending the Commander’s building to the East, is another 25,000 sf. facility with an even more impressive 60 ft. wide hall and 40 ft. wide hangar doors. The space is dominated by a broad soaring roofline with high windows flooding the space with natural light.  It will serve as the home for Alabama’s 2-year college system’s "Aviation College” creating a significant expansion in student capacity.


The contract will begin immediately after selection. Preference will be given to a qualified firm that can start promptly, devote sufficient time to the Project, and expedite successful and timely completion of the Projects.


Project location (2080 S. Broad Street, Mobile, AL):







II.            Scope of Work 


The architect will be providing design services for renovations of the old Brookley Commander’s Building, Building 14 East A and Building 14 West A to develop Alabama Aerospace Innovation Research Center.  The requested design services are for the renovations / improvements to the building shell only for the future noted build-outs.  The services do include structural analysis of all three-3 buildings; determine the serviceability of current utilities for the all of BLDG 14 and EDP Preliminary Engineering Report (see section V).


Limited as-built drawings (PDF’s) availability thru Mobile Airport Authority webpage (AEROPLEX / New Rooms / RFP’s):




If necessary, each of the proposed improvements listed above will be treated as a separate and distinct project for design and construction purposes. It is anticipated that a separate Owner-Architect and Owner-Contractor Agreement will be issued for each project. Architectural fees will be negotiated on a fixed fee or hourly billing rate basis for each project.


III.          Required Professional Qualifications


Firms interested in performing the work will be considered on the basis of a written response to the Request for Proposal.  All applicants must submit their qualifications and responses to the following:


  1. Statement of registration of the firm.
  2. Statement of the names and duties of the individuals that will be involved in this project.
  3. Statement of experience in the fields that the proposed services are requested and work of a similar nature which the proposed staff for requested services was in responsible charge.  Proposed staff names and experience are to be provided.
  4. Statement of experience within the local jurisdiction and knowledge of local standards and codes.
  5. Statement of availability and adequacy, in both number and quality of remaining staff, to perform all other functions needed for the proposed services.
  6. List of qualified personnel in other disciplines required for proposed services, both in-house and those to be acquired from outside sources.

      7.       List prior experience with Federal and State programs, especially CBDG projects


IV.      Format for Responses


Your response must include:  


§  A cover letter (including dates of availability and a schedule of fees); 

§  Resumes of key personnel along with a brief description of responsibilities, accomplishments, and dates of service;  

§  A statement of qualifications as outlined in Section III;

§  A list of similar three (3) prior projects and three references with address and phone numbers.

§  A list of hourly billing rates for all personnel (Architect and Consultants) that will be employed on the project.

§  Information on your firm and your consultants concerning disadvantaged and minority business participation.


If the response is sent by a firm, partnership or any organization other than an individual, provide the requested information for all individuals who will perform the work.



V.    Submittal of Proposals


Questions concerning this Request for Proposals should be directed to Russell Stallings at 251-438-7334 or  Responses will be received until 3:00 pm CDT on Friday, July 15, 2016. Please submit one original Proposal and two copies to:             

Mobile Airport Authority

1891 9th Street

Mobile, Alabama 36615

Attn: Russell Stallings

VI.   Selection Criteria and Schedule


MAA will evaluate each proposal, based on the following criteria:


  • The Consultant’s qualifications and successful experience commensurate with the Scope of Work outlined in Section II (20% of evaluation);
  • The Consultant’s ability to meet the requirements outlined in Section III (25% of evaluation);
  • The Consultant’s response to the requirements outlined in Section IV (20% of evaluation);
  • Any demonstrated familiarity with HUD/CDBG projects (10% of evaluation);
  • Availability and ability to commit to successful and expeditious completion of the Projects (15%);
  • References (10% of evaluation);


MAA encourages the participation of Section 3, Disadvantaged, and/or Minority/Women Business Enterprise Participation in this RFP process.


Proposals will be reviewed as they are received. If necessary, interviews will be conducted between July 19th & 20th, 2016. The Airport Director or his designees shall make the final selection.  The selection of any Architectural/Engineering professional services will be subject to negotiation of fair and reasonable compensation.




§  RFP issued: June 16, 2016

§  Site Visit: June 28, 2016 (09:30AM until); additional visits can be scheduled thru MAA 6/21/16 thru 6/30/16.

§  Submission of RFI’s completed by July 8, 2016

§  RFP Responses Due: July 15, 2016 (3:00 PM CT) 

§  Selection: July 22, 2016


VII.   Other Conditions


The firm or individual practitioner must:

1.      Have current City of Mobile Business License.

2.      Have an established local business office.  This office shall be open and staffed for business during normal business hours Monday through Friday. Telephone, email and fax communication shall be available at all times.

3.      The licensed professional must be accessible by telephone, email and available for consultation between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

4.      Must furnish proof of Insurance as follows: 

1) Automobile Liability Insurance each in the minimum amount of:

Bodily Injury - $250,000 each person / $500,000 each occurrence, and

Property Damage - $100,000 each occurrence, or

Combined single limit - $500,000

2) General Liability Insurance each in the minimum amount of:

Bodily Injury - $250,000 each person / $500,000 each occurrence, and

Property Damage - $100,000 per occurrence, or

Combined single limit - $500,000

3) Workmen’s Compensation Insurance: Statutory-Amount and coverage required by the State of Alabama

4) Professional Liability Insurance in the amounts of: $100,000 for Projects from $250,000 to $1,000,000 and $1,000,000 for Projects over $1,000,000.

5.       Provide a construction budget and schedule for each project.

6.       Be able to provide a DUNS number prior to contract execution.

7.       Not be listed on any federal debarred/ineligible list.


VIII. Disclosures


MAA shall have no financial interest in the business of and shall not be liable for any debts or obligations incurred by the Consultant nor shall MAA be deemed or construed to be a partner, joint venturer or otherwise interested in the assets of the Consultant, or in the sums earned or derived by Consultant, nor shall the Consultant at any time or times use the name or credit of MAA in purchasing or attempting to purchase any car, equipment, supplies or other thing or things whatsoever.


Consultant, in the performance of its operations and obligations hereunder, shall not be deemed to be an agent of MAA but shall be deemed to be an Independent Contractor in every respect and shall take all steps at its own expense, as MAA may from time to time request, to indicate that it is an independent Contractor.  MAA does not and will not assume any responsibility for the means by which or the manner in which the services by Consultant are performed; but on the contrary, Consultant shall be wholly responsible therefore.


Consultant shall acknowledge that its identity and peculiar capacity to provide the services described hereinabove shall constitute a material consideration for the MAA’s execution of a contract with Consultant.  Therefore, Consultant shall not transfer or assign an awarded contract or any of the rights or privileges granted therein without the prior written consent of MAA; which such consent shall be granted or denied solely at MAA’s discretion.


If selected, Consultant shall agree to comply strictly with all ordinances of the City of Mobile, Alabama, and the laws of the State of Alabama and of the United States while performing its obligations 


Consultant agrees that, if selected, it will comply with Title 6 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which provides that no person will be excluded from participation in, or be denied benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, color, national origin or disability, in connection with federally funded programs.


IX.   Reservation of Rights


MAA reserves the right to:


  • Amend, modify, or withdraw this RFP
  • Revise any requirements under this RFP
  • Accept any proposal deemed to be in the best interests of MAA, and to reject any and all proposals.
  • Require supplemental or clarifying information from any responding party, without having been deemed to have changed the terms of the RFP
  • Extend the deadline for submissions of responses 
  • Negotiate or hold discussions with any Consultant  to supplement responses




 MAA may exercise all rights at any time without notice and without liability for expenses incurred in responding to any changes in the RFP.  Responses are prepared at the sole cost and expense of the Consultant.


Nothing stated at any time by any MAA agent or representative will effect a change or addition to the RFP, unless confirmed in writing by the MAA.


 All information submitted in response to this RFP shall become the property of MAA, and as such, may be subject to public review as public records.


 Consultants acknowledge and agree that MAA will not be liable for any costs, expenses, losses, damages (including damages for loss of anticipated profit) or liability incurred by the Consultant as a result of, or arising out of, responding to this RFP.


 MAA may take all necessary and affirmative steps to assure that minority firms and women’s business enterprises compete.


 Consultants shall not collude in any manner or engage in any practices with any other Consultant which may restrict or eliminate competition or otherwise restrain trade.  Violation of this instruction will cause MAA to reject the Consultant’s submittal.  


 This proposal uses the gender-neutral words "it” and "its” in place of "he” and "she” and "his” and "her, etc., merely for the sake of brevity or to include the possibility that a consulting firm might submit a proposal.


This Request for Proposals is available in its entirety on MAA’s website at, and at the Mobile Airport Authority Office, 1891 9th Street, Mobile, AL 36615.


X. EDA Preliminary Engineering Report Requirements:




EDA is required to complete an engineering review for all construction and design projects before making an award.  EDA’s Application Form (Form ED-900, Application for EDA Assistance) and related forms require Applicants to provide key information about the proposed construction and design projects to enable EDA to compete its requisite reviews. 


All applications for construction and design assistance must complete the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER).  The following outline provides more detailed information on these requirements in order to assist Applicants in preparing their application.


Preliminary Engineering Report Requirements

In order to be considered for assistance, all construction and design applications must include a PER that at a minimum provides the following information:

1.      Description of Project Components –Provide a general description of all project components involved in the project.  Indicate where the project involves the construction of new facilities or the renovation or replacement of existing ones.  Describe each of the project components in terms of dimensions, quantities, capacities, square footage, etc.

2.      A statement verifying the project components described in the engineering report are consistent with the EDA investment project description that is provided in Section A.2 of Form ED-900.  Engineering reports that describe project components that are inconsistent with the EDA investment project description in Section A.2 of Form ED-900 will not be considered valid.

3.      Sketches of schematics showing the general layout and location of the existing site conditions and of the project components as well as location of project beneficiary(s) identified in Section B.5 of Form ED-900 that provide economic justification for the project, if any.   Rough dimensions and quantities for major project components should be shown and labeled on the drawings.  Drawings should clearly identify the project components that are being proposed.  Applicants are encouraged to clarify such drawings, for example, through color coding, labeling, and other appropriate methods.

4.      A feasibility analysis for the constructability of the project, including a review of the existing conditions and noting particular features, alignments, and events affecting construction of project components.

5.      The proposed method of construction.  Indicate whether construction procurement shall be done through competitive bid or other method.  Indicate if any portion of the project is to be done by design/build, construction management at risk, by the applicant’s own forces, or whether a third party construction manager will be used.  If an alternate construction procurement method (other than traditional design/bid/build with sealed competitive bid process) is proposed, a construction services procurement plan must be provided to EDA for approval in accordance with EDA’s regulation at 13 C.F.R. 305.6(a).

6.      The number of construction contracts anticipated.  If multiple contracts are proposed, provide a description of the project components included in each contract.  If separate contracts are anticipated for demolition or site work, the budget information cost classification should reflect the estimated costs for these components.  If project phasing is proposed, a project phasing request must be provided to EDA for approval per EDA’s regulation at 13 C.F.R. 305.9(a).

7.      A current detailed construction cost estimate for each of the project components, showing quantities, unit prices, and total costs.  Provide a basis for the determination of construction contingencies.

8.      If the budget includes costs for real property acquisition, the Applicant should include a current fair market value appraisal completed by a certified appraiser for the property to be purchased.

9.      A list of all permits required for the proposed project and their current status.  Identify all permits required; include the timeline to obtain the permits and discuss how the permitting relates to the overall project schedule.  If the project crosses a railroad right-of-way or is within a railroad right-of-way, provide an explanation of any permitting or approvals that may be required from the railroad or other authority and the timeframe for obtaining these permits or approvals.

10.   An overall estimated project schedule, including the number of months for each of the following: 

                                i.           Design period;

                               ii.           Period of time to obtain required permits;

                             iii.           Period of time to obtain any required easements of rights-of-way;

                             iv.           Solicitation of bids and awarding of contracts, and

                              v.           Construction period.