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Mobile Airport Authority (MAA) launches Richard D. Davis Internship program partnering with Mobile County, local high schools and Bishop State exposing students to a dynamic international environment, economic development, real estate, accounting, and airport operations. 

Thursday, July 02, 2015

The Mobile Airport Authority has participated for several years in Mobile County’s long standing and successful Summer Youth Employment Internship Program.  This year, two young professionals from that program are actively contributing to our economic development, real estate, and marketing efforts.   County Commissioner Merceria Ludgood, commented, "While the county’s internship program has been able to attract top-notch interns, it only scratches the surface as compared to the need for such efforts in our community. MAA’s program builds on that foundation and serves as a model for other industries to develop their own internship experience.”


The program has been so successful that MAA launched an exciting new partnership in the name of Richard D. Davis, MAA’s past chairman and longtime educator.  Three B.C. Rain High School interns are contributing to our marketing, accounting, and airport operations functions.  Bishop State provided one intern this year who is significantly contributing to our marketing organization with his graphic arts skills and social media project management efforts. Three additional students from various high schools were brought on to facilitate in our maintenance and landscape programs. In total, MAA is hosting 9 aspiring students.  The program will run from June 1st– July 31st, 2015.  Students who were selected for the summer internship programs were required to complete a competitive interview process evaluating attitude, professionalism, attendance history, as well as academic achievement.  Each is committed to working 20 hours per week. 


At Mobile Regional we had a very acute objective; MAA has a highly accomplished female executive, Jennifer Shearer, who leads that organization, and we partnered an aspiring young lady from B.C. Rain High School to work directly with Jennifer in an effort to expose young women to the depth and breadth of exciting and valuable careers in the aviation industry.  


MAA’s summer internship programs are designed to not only help students develop general work place experience and competency, but also specific experiences in our highly active economic development and real estate functions.  Similarly, they are learning about and contributing to our finance and accounting organization which is undergoing several process improvement initiatives. 


During the intern search MAA identified three recent graduates of the Mobile County Public School System Career and Technical Centers and hired them as full time employees.  These young graduates are trained in craft skills such as electrical and carpentry.  We feel these employees bring a great value to our core team.   

Roger Wehner, Executive Director - MAA stated, "MAA is in a very dynamic phase of its history right now, we are transforming the organization to meet the needs of our future from people to processes.  We are constantly trying to develop our capability set.  While we believe the aviation industry is a great environment for these students to engage in, it also gives us unique access to some of our community’s best and brightest to help us on our journey today and also hopefully to cultivate a cadre of our future leaders”





About Mobile Airport Authority

Established in 1980, The Mobile Airport Authority (MAA) operates the Mobile Regional Airport, a 3,000 acre commercial airport and industrial complex, the Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley and the adjacent Mobile Downtown Airport, a combined 1,700 acre complex.  The Aeroplex is blessed with a compelling logistics – land, sea, air and ground has long been home to several MRO operations and FAA Part 145 repair stations.  Continental Motors, VT MAE, Star Aviation and their partner company Aerostar all call the Aeroplex home employing approximately 2,000 people.  Most recently, Airbus chose Mobile and MAA’s Mobile Aeroplex as its first final assembly line in North America.  The $600 million dollar facility will produce the A320 family of aircraft.  The complex is now home to many of the world’s leading aerospace suppliers and growing daily.  The authority has a broad spectrum of turnkey solutions from single office common use services, to build-to-suit lease back programs. For more information:


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