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Airport Security Coordinator



Date Approved:  02/08

Grade:   F

JOB TITLE:              Airport Security Coordinator

REPORTS TO:         Vice President of Operations

FLSA STATUS:        Full-Time



Work involves directing a comprehensive safety and security program for the Mobile Airport Authority (MAA). This position directs all safety and security efforts to ensure the airport meets Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations and requirements.  The Airport Security Coordinator is responsible for reviewing and interpreting the impact of all TSA regulations, amendments, and advisories on safety and security activities and making resultant recommendations for revisions to airport security and safety policies and procedures. 


Direct the operation of the Identification Badge/Access Media process including the Interactive Employee Training Center (IET) and criminal history records checks.  Plan, organize and direct the work involved in operating the Identification Badge/Access Media office responsible for credentialing all airport badge holders and maintaining the credentialing database and associated clearance codes; evaluate requests for MAA badges; issue penalties for non-compliance to credentialing procedures.  Act as Liaison between the Airport and the TSA to ensure development and compliance with all security programs, policies, rules and regulations; available to TSA on a 24-hour basis.  Design, implement, monitor, revise and update the Security Program for the Mobile Airport Authority (MAA) to ensure compliance with TSA and all federal aviation regulations and directives regarding airport security.  Review and interpret impact of all TSA regulations, amendments and advisories and directives on safety and security activities.

Develop Airport’s response to all TSA safety and security concerns.  Direct the maintenance of and compliance with the TSA-approved MAA Airport Security Plan.  Identify and rectify impediments to safety and security program compliance including technological enhancements.

Work in conjunction with TSA officials to resolve compliance issues; confer with TSA officials and staff to formulate optimal ways in which sub-standard operations and/or procedures can be changed in conformance to rules and regulations, while, at the same time, not impede the airport’s operational performance.

Direct enforcement of airport rules and regulations by tenants to ensure compliance on all safety and security-related issues.  Review with sufficient frequency all security-related functions to ensure that all are effective and in compliance. Immediately initiate corrective action for any instance of non-compliance.  Direct and review results of employment history, verification, and criminal history record checks required by regulation; develop and administer processes and procedures used to protect the badge applicants private information and for the collection/submission of the applicants biographical data for the TSA security threat assessment; make final decisions on an applicant’s badge access if the applicant’s Criminal History Check discloses a positive criminal history; adjudicate the results with the applicant and approve or deny the application.  Review and provide input related to design and construction improvements and enhancements to the airport to ensure specific details conform to TSA security and safety regulations and requirements; confer with airport design and engineering consultants in suggesting revisions to plans for compliance with the appropriate regulations.  Work in conjunction with airport consultants and contractors engaged in the design, development, and implantation of airport security systems and equipment; coordinate with consultants to ensure technological advances are incorporated in the airport’s overall security program.  Perform related work as required.


Computer, calculator, copier, office machines.


Knowledge, Abilities and Skills

The principles, practices, procedures and techniques of airport operations, security and management.  Federal, state and local laws and regulations as promulgated by the Transportation Security Administration and the Federal Aviation Administration.  Excellent oral and written communication.  Ability to establish priorities and manage multiple tasks at a time.  Using computers and related software applications.  Planning, organizing, data analysis and problem solving.  Work with frequent interruptions and changes in priorities.  Quickly recognize and analyze irregular events.  Establish and maintain good working relationships with federal, state and local entities as well tenants, team members and the public.  Handle conflict, hostility and uncertain situations.

Minimum Training and Experience

Graduation from an accredited four (4) year college or university with major coursework in Management, including Aviation Management, Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Public Administration, Business Administration, or in a related field.  Five (5) years’ experience in airport operations, airport security or administering provisions of 49 CFR Part 1542.

Environmental Requirements

Generally works in an office environment.  Must be able to adapt to changing work environments.

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