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Date Approved:  08/14

Grade:   J

JOB TITLE:                       Mechanic

REPORTS TO:                 Facilities Manager

FLSA STATUS:                Non-Exempt


Perform complex diagnostic procedures on all vehicle and equipment systems; determine appropriate maintenance and repairs; effectively use hand /air tools and automotive diagnostic equipment; interpret manufacturers’ specifications; generate and keep government-mandated computer records and files; inspect completed work for conformance with specifications, requirements and compliance with automotive and equipment safety codes and regulations; perform heavy physical labor; ability to work from plans and specifications; be familiar with electronics, be able to read diagrams, or use electronic diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot repairs; train and direct the work of other classified staff in the area; follow and give oral and written instructions; maintain cooperative working relationships; demonstrate sensitivity to, and respect for a diverse population.


  1. Troubleshoot, inspect, test, analyze, and repair: vehicle and equipment computer/electrical control systems, mechanical and hydraulic systems, lubricating, cooling, air conditioning and exhaust systems, engine electrical systems, engine fuel-air systems, electronic/pneumatic controlled automatic transmission and differentials, power dividers, power trains, brakes, steering and suspension systems.  .
  2. Repair and overhaul engines, transmissions, fuel systems, etc. for various equipment, vehicles, mowers, tractors, and other small engines.
  3. Troubleshoot malfunctions and repair using electrical schematics and repair manual information
  4. Disassemble and reassemble various equipment using hoists and hand/air tools.
  5. Examine parts for damage and excessive wear; repair or replace damaged or worn parts.
  6. Overhaul and test equipment to ensure operating efficiency.
  7. Change oil and filters, lubricate, and perform routine maintenance checks on vehicles and motorized equipment.
  8. Schedule maintenance and maintain service logs and records of maintenance on vehicles and motorized equipment
  9. Keeps tools, equipment, and work area clean, organized and in good working condition.
  10. Performs other work related assignments.
  11. Analyze and evaluate results to choose best solution and solve problems.
  12. Organize, plan, and prioritize work by assignment.


Must be well-versed in the materials, methods, and practices used in automotive and heavy equipment repairs. 


Knowledge of:

  • Automotive and equipment operations, care and service maintenance programs
  • Tools and equipment used for automotive care and repairs
  • Must be well-versed in applicable federal laws, codes and regulations pertaining to field of work
  • Safety methods and practices in the maintenance and installation of equipment and auto repairs

Ability to:

  • Perform complex diagnostic procedures on all vehicles and equipment
  • Properly and safely operate tools, equipment, and vehicles
  • Effectively use hand tools and other diagnostic equipment
  • Interpret manufacturers’ specifications; inspect completed work in accordance with specifications
  • Perform heavy physical labor
  • Work independently in the absence of supervision
  • Prepare written correspondence, reports, spreadsheets and specifications

Minimum Training, Education and Experience

A combination of equivalent work experience and education will be considered.


  1. High school education (diploma or GED) is required.
  2. Associate’s Degree in automotive or diesel repair technology or trade school completion in related field is desirable.


  1. Minimum of seven (7) years’ experience at a facility maintenance environment (preferably a large facility)  as an automotive or diesel mechanic responsible for the diagnosis of faulty vehicle and/or equipment operation and the performance of mechanical repairs covering several aspects of automotive and/or diesel systems.

Environmental & Physical Requirements

Must adapt to changing working environments. Effectively deal with personal danger such as exposure to high electrical voltage, and working with heavy machinery and equipment.

Maintain physical condition appropriate to the performance of assigned duties which may include the following:

  • walking, crouching, crawling, kneeling, or climbing
  • moving tools and equipment
  • operating tools and equipment
  • lifting heavy objects

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