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Travel Tips: Picking Up

Before picking someone up at Mobile International Airport, check out these useful tips.


1. Check arrival times

Before you leave for BFM, check arrival times to make sure your passengers are on time.

Flight Status


2. Getting to BFM

Finding BFM is easy. You can get to the airport using either Interstate 65 (I-65) and/or Interstate 10 (I-10).

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3. Where to Park

Enjoy 15-minute free parking in either the short-term or long-term parking lots. Parking is located in front of the terminal.

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4. Curbside Drop Off

Pick up your passengers at the arrivals curbside. When using curbside pick up, please make sure your passengers are waiting at the curb. TSA does not allow unattended vehicles in front of the terminal.



5. Waiting for Passengers

Want to greet your passengers? Enjoy the waiting area in the lobby of the terminal. While you’re waiting, take advantage of airport amenities such as free Wi-Fi, dining, and Cell Phone Lot.