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Airport Operations Specialist



Date Approved: 


JOB TITLE:              Airport Operations Specialist

REPORTS TO:         Airport Operations Supervisor

FLSA STATUS:        Non-Exempt


Under direct supervision of the Airport Operations Supervisor, this position is responsible for  administrative and professional work assisting in the day-to-day airport operations and managing the use of airport facilities in accordance with established policies and procedures.  Position assures continuous safety and security compliance with Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Parts 77 and 139, Transportation Security Regulation (TSR) Part 1542, in addition to all other applicable statutes, regulations and requirements. Duties include periodic, daily, and continuous airfield and facilities inspections for unsafe or non-compliant conditions; actively monitoring flight operations, weather, work order requests and local air traffic control (ATC) radio communications.  Coordinating and monitoring airport construction activities; providing a high level of customer service in responding to questions and inquiries from the public, airport stakeholders, and/or governmental regulatory agencies. 


Understand and apply the standards and requirements of Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 139, Transportation Security Regulation (TSR) Part 1542 and other federal, state, and local rules governing air traffic, commercial and general aviation operations, airport safety and security. Ability to learn, understand, and apply the practices and principles of airport management, including business and administration, operations, security, and maintenance. 

Ensure compliance with and enforce federal, state, and local safety and security regulations pertaining to airport operations. Respond to aircraft accidents/incidents and other emergency situations that occur on airport property; coordinate related activities and implement emergency or security plan measures until relieved by proper authority. Issue appropriate notices to airmen (NOTAMS) when hazards exist and initiate closure of all or portions of the airport, as necessary.  Perform airside inspections in accordance with FAR Part 139.  Inspect airport facilities, including runways, taxiways, ramps, perimeter barriers, terminal and other buildings, and landside areas and record discrepancies and arrange for corrective action.  Perform duties and functions as required under the Airport Certification Manual, Airport Emergency Plan, and Airport Security Program and assist with the review and maintenance/update of these documents. 

Enforce safety rules and other accident prevention measures.  Coordinate aircraft parking and gate assignments for diversions, emergencies, and normal operations among tenants and other airport users.  Maintain activity log of significant events and actions during the assigned shift, conduct surveys, prepare reports, maintain records, and perform other duties as assigned.  Prepare requests for equipment, supplies, and materials.  Serve as a liaison with other departments, organizations, and agencies.


Motor vehicle, personal computers (Windows based) with MS Office software, copier/scanner and standard office machines, 2-way radios, including aviation-band radios, wildlife control devices, and friction measuring equipment.


Applicant will be required to undergo/pass a 10-year criminal history record check and security threat assessment during the onboarding process. 

Must possess or have ability to obtain a valid Alabama driver’s license and be insurable.

Knowledge, Abilities and Skills

Knowledge of services and activities related to airport operations.  Knowledge of materials, methods, practices, and equipment used in airport maintenance, construction, and repair activities.

Familiarity with FAR Part 139 and associated FAA Advisory Circulars, and TSR Part 1542.  Ability to learn and apply requirements of the airport certification manual, airport emergency plan, and airport security program.   Ability to successfully complete basic Incident Command System (ICS) training. Ability to identify airfield maintenance needs and report for corrective action.  

Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing utilizing the English language.  Must be able to record information objectively and accurately on various report forms. Must be able to communicate using a two-way radio system including aviation-band frequencies using standard aviation phraseology.  Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with both internal and external customers. 

Must possess strong computer skills and be proficient in Microsoft Office software. 

Minimum Training and Experience

High School diploma or GED is required. Minimum of an associate degree from an accredited institution in airport or aviation/aerospace management, aviation/aerospace science, business or public administration, or closely related field is required; combined with a minimum of one (1) year of work experience in a position with responsibilities related to safety, security, or customer service.  Three or more years work experience with a Fixed Base Operator (FBO), airline, air cargo carrier, airport operations/maintenance or closely related experience in an airport environment, may be substituted for the required associates degree. A bachelor’s degree in airport or aviation/aerospace management, aviation/aerospace science is highly desirable.

Environmental & Physical Requirements

This position requires work in both an office environment and outdoors with most of the time being spent in a vehicle and outdoors.  Must adapt to changing work environments and inclement weather conditions.  Must safely and effectively deal with personal danger which may include exposure to high electrical voltage, working around light and heavy machinery and exposure to the noise of a flight line environment.

Maintain physical condition appropriate to the performance of assigned duties which may include the following:

  • walking, crouching, crawling, kneeling, bending, twisting, or climbing
  • moving tools and equipment
  • operating tools and equipment
  • lifting objects up to 50 lbs.

Maintain effective audio-visual discrimination and perception needed for:

  • operating assigned vehicle and equipment to include radios
  • reading and writing
  • identification and differentiation of colors

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