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Communications Specialist x2


Date Approved: 

Grade:   J

JOB TITLE:              Communications Specialist

REPORTS TO:         Communications Supervisor

FLSA STATUS:        Non-Exempt


This position carries the responsibility of maintaining awareness of Airport operational conditions and response to the needs of the Airport’s users to ensure the expeditious transition of public movement.  This position also involves evaluating incoming calls to determine the appropriate level of assistance required and dispatching airport service units. This position reports directly to the Communications Supervisor.  This position performs all operational duties required of  the Airport Operations Communications Center (AOCC), including but not limited to;  maintaining radio contact with the appropriate unit, customer service, data entry, calls and messages to include routine reports, dispatching of referral information, and emergency calls for assistance from airport personnel. All work is performed in accordance with department policies and procedures, local, state, and federal regulations. A Communications Specialist works varied shifts that include nights, weekends, and holidays.


Provides professional and courteous service while receiving incoming calls from various entities requesting emergency and non-emergency assistance from the various departments, including Airport Police, Airport Operations, Security, and Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF).  Achieve and maintain control of calls and provide proper interrogation to obtain necessary information to determine the appropriate response and priority.  Provides airport tenants and users with information regarding operational conditions, directions and assistance through various communications and computer systems to ensure safe, secure, and expeditious movement of the traveling public. Monitors airport operational conditions and status of automated systems and performs routine tests to ensure appropriate notifications and follow-up actions are taken. Coordinates and reports general information to appropriate staff regarding operations, maintenance, safety, security, and law enforcement related issues. Dispatches law enforcement officers as needed and ensures sensitive information obtained from law enforcement sources is properly handled. Communicates with local 911 centers as required. Communicates with FAA air traffic control tower personnel at both airports as needed. Maintains surveillance to ensure security system is operational and monitors security system activities for discrepancies, dispatching appropriate staff as required. Monitors automated equipment systems for fire, security, and maintenance alarms, making appropriate notifications when necessary. Delivers non-emergency and emergency messages.  Must have the ability to react quickly and calmly to citizens in crisis situations on the phone. Ability to listen, comprehend and retain job-related information. Initiates and coordinates airport response and notification of essential local, state, and federal agencies to respond to emergencies in support of the "Unified Incident Command" structure; assist with operation of the Emergency Operations Center as required. Collects, records and compiles information for statistical data on routine and emergency airport conditions relating to safety and security, as well as various operational activities.  Disseminates information on airport operational conditions, status of construction in progress, and other pertinent airport activities. Monitors AOCC equipment; reports equipment problems; records daily all significant events disseminated to and/or from the AOCC in computerized logs. May assist in providing training for new employees in the communications role. A Communications Specialist works may work alternate or rotating shifts that include nights, weekends, and holidays.


Computer aided dispatch system, security system, Windows based personal computers, office machines, radios.


Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills

Must possess a strong level of computer skills including proficiency using Microsoft Office products.  Must be able to learn and utilize a variety of software products and technology resources.  Must have good organizational skills and be able to handle a multi-console telephone system.  Knowledge or ability to learn and apply skills utilizing a computer aided dispatch system and radios.  Ability to clearly communicate both verbally and in writing including during high stress situations. Ability to maintain composure in emergency or high stress situations.  Ability to accurately maintain a variety of police and security logs with attention to detail.  Skills in typing and data entry.

Minimum Training and Experience

High School Diploma or equivalent education required.  Minimum of one year of experience in a position providing customer service or having contact with the public.  Previous dispatch or related experience preferred.

Environmental Requirements

Physical ability to sit for long periods of time, answer phone calls and radio communication.

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