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Date Approved:  02/12

Grade:   L

JOB TITLE:              Custodian

REPORTS TO:         Custodian Supervisor

FLSA STATUS:        Non-Exempt



Perform a variety of cleaning tasks within the Mobile Regional Airport terminal building,

Mobile Downtown Airport, and any related office or technical areas in the terminal complex

which may be leased to other entities by the Mobile Airport Authority.


Clean airport administrative offices and other selected office areas. Task will include

vacuuming, dusting, emptying trash containers, servicing paper products.  Clean the interior of

the airport terminal building. This will include glass in windows and doors in the terminal

building, both inside and outside, using as required, a lift to the second level windows. It will

also include walls, floors, seating fixtures, drinking fountains and other associated items within

the terminal.  Routinely clean restrooms to include servicing paper products and soap dispensers.

Periodically strip restroom floors and apply sealer.  Pick up trash from containers within the

terminal building. This will include cardboard baggage containers in and around the baggage

areas and trash on the curbside of both the departure and arrival areas.  Operate and service

various pieces of cleaning equipment. This includes but is not limited to: vacuum cleaners, carpet

cleaners/extractors, buffing and stripping machines, brooms, mops and mop bucket, cleaning and

dusting rags, and the use of a variety of cleaning solutions, powders, and chemicals.

Set up meeting rooms with chairs, tables, and associated equipment.  Report building or

equipment malfunctions to the maintenance department or responsible division in a prompt, clear

manner.  Perform other job related duties as assigned.


A variety of cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions, powders and chemicals.


Knowledge, Abilities and Skills

Knowledge of care, operations and servicing of a variety of cleaning equipment and tools.

Methods and techniques used in the custodial trade.  Safe work practices.  Ability to operate a

variety of cleaning tools and implements in a safe and effective manner.  Understand and follow

oral and written instructions.  Work assigned early or late shift with variable days off.  Establish

and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work,

particularly the traveling public.

Minimum Training and Experience

No specific custodial experience or training is required for this entry-level position.

Physical Requirements

Maintain physical condition appropriate to the performance of assigned duties which may include the following:


                        -           walking, crouching, crawling or standing for long periods of time

                        -           sitting, kneeling or climbing

                        -           operating assigned equipment and tools

                        -           moving tools, equipment, trash carts and bags

                        -           lifting moderately heavy objects 9 lbs up to 40 lbs

                        -           ability to work on second level lift in cleaning

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