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Date Approved:  05/24

Grade:   L

JOB TITLE:              Grounds/Landscape

REPORTS TO:         Grounds/Landscape Supervisor

FLSA STATUS:        Non-Exempt


This position will operate a variety of equipment to fulfill assigned duties in the maintenance and upkeep of airport grounds and runways; to perform a variety of grounds and airfield maintenance work, including mowing, weeding, trimming, mulching, litter control, and painting of runways; to provide assistance in other maintenance activities as necessary.


Care for grounds by performing a variety of duties, such as, planting, watering, trimming, pruning, fertilizing, and weed and pest control. Provide proper upkeep of sidewalks, driveways, parking lots or other ground areas.  Cultivate lawns, flowerbeds, and other ground areas. Plant greenery and flowers, and apply mulch for protection, in selected areas, to improve landscape appearance.  Operate vehicles and landscape powered equipment, such as, mowers, tractors, chain saws, clippers, etc.; drive company trucks and other powered equipment to work sites; maintain, care and upkeep of equipment and tools.  Mix and spray or spread fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides onto grass, shrubs, or trees, using hand or automatic sprayers or spreaders. 

Maintain irrigation systems and equipment to ensure proper functioning.  Irrigate selected lawns, trees, and plants.  Prune or trim trees, hedges and other vegetation; remove debris from work sites.  Trim or pick flowers and clean flower beds.  Gather and remove litter. Dispose of trash and other waste materials.  Repair potholes as needed.  Repair sprinklers and irrigation/sprinkler system pipe work as needed.  Clean and wash vehicles and equipment.  Paint parking lot directional markers and parking spaces within the area of the Mobile Airport Authority.  Build mutual respect and trust among team members.  Perform other job related duties as assigned.


Material and equipment used in ground and landscape activities and general maintenance functions; safe use of hand tools, such as pruners, weed eaters, power edger’s, lawn mowers, chain saws, etc.


Knowledge, Abilities and Skills

Material and equipment used in ground and landscape activities; safe use of hand tools, such as pruners, weed eaters, power edger’s, lawn mowers, chain saws, etc.  Applicable federal, state, and local laws; codes and regulations pertaining to herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides used for plants, lawns, and trees.  Irrigation systems including installation and maintenance.  Care, operation, maintenance of a variety of maintenance equipment including power tools and vehicles.  Methods, materials, and techniques consistent with ground maintenance work.  Safe work practices.

Ability to operate a variety of light and heavy equipment, power tools, and equipment in a safe

and effective manner.  Understand and follow oral and written instructions.  Work independent

in the absence of supervision.  Establish and maintain effective working relationship with those

contacted in the course of work.  Perform a variety of skilled and semi-skilled construction and

maintenance tasks.  Care for and maintain a variety of plant life.  Must be able to operate and

motor vehicles including: trucks, tractors, sweepers, forklifts, and other mechanized and simple

ground maintenance tools and implements.

Ability to plan, organize, direct and coordinate the work of landscape projects.  Perform manual

work such as digging, raking, and sweeping.  Identify landscape maintenance needs and take

corrective actions.  Effectively communicate, both orally and in writing, in a clear and concise

manner.  Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the

course of work.

Minimum Training and Experience

Any combination of experience and training that would provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying.  One year of full time experience performing grounds or landscape work highly desirable.  High school diploma or GED is required.

Environmental & Physical Requirements

Must adapt to changing working environments and inclement weather conditions.  Recognize situations that create hazards to self and other individuals, and to take appropriate preventative and/or evasive action. Effectively deal with personal danger which may include exposure to high electrical voltage, mechanical hazards, working in close proximity to heavy vehicular traffic, working with irritant materials and chemicals, and exposure to the noise of a flight line/runway environment.

Maintain physical abilities appropriate to perform according to the demands of the assigned duties which include the following:

            -walking, crouching, crawling, kneeling, or climbing

            -transport and use of tools and equipment

            -operation of tools, equipment, and vehicles

            -lifting heavy objects

Maintain effective audio-visual discrimination and perception necessary for:

            -operation of assigned equipment, vehicles, or tools

            -reading and interpreting blueprints, sketches and diagrams

            -reading and writing

            -operation of two-way radios and communication equipment

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