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Properties and Concessions Coordinator

Date Approved:  12/23

Grade:   K


JOB TITLE: Properties and Concessions Coordinator

REPORTS TO: Commercial Business Director



Specialized professional and administrative work in the areas of aviation lease management, properties management, business development, tenant relations, aviation industry research, program development, contract development and compliance monitoring.  Responsible for the airport’s lease management programs and maintaining its database.  Also charged with policy development, program development, project management, reporting and making recommendations based upon research findings.  Work is performed independently under the general supervision and administrative direction of the Commercial Business Director and requires independent initiative and sound judgment.


Position monitors airport properties and concessions projects and develops programs involving lease management, database management, contract records management and tenant relations.  Work involves the development and maintenance of the lease management system and maintenance of related documents, solicitations, correspondence, contracts and all related records.  Participate in long-range and short-range planning for airport development projects.  Maintains contact with industry experts and aviation-related businesses through phone calls, e-mails, industry conference attendance, publications reviews, independent research and communication activities.  Keep abreast of new and established concessionaires and other aviation-related businesses to identify and create opportunities for growth at the airport.  Regularly interact with corporate leaders and persons of influence to accomplish business objectives.  Conduct aviation industry research, recommend courses of action and updates for airport tenant/concessionaire lease agreements. Act as Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program Liason Officer (DBELO).

Plan, research, develop and maintain records for related industry surveys, research projects, findings and summary analyses. Participate in aviation industry studies initiated by other airports and consulting firms to establish updated terms, conditions, rates and charges for tenant/concessionaire agreements.  Track, analyze and report concession revenues and make recommendations based upon findings to create mutual success for the airport and its concessionaires.  Coordinate concessions/tenant projects and programs involving lease management, the preparation and composition of bids, requests for proposals, plans, specifications, contract development and management of other services performed by outside consultants.  Coordinate all aspects of the solicitation process including research, disadvantage business enterprise goal setting and reporting. documents development, correspondence, selection committee nominations, pre-proposal meetings, addendums, agenda item preparation and related follow-up through contract award, execution and the establishment of new contract files.  Ensure notices for bids and requests for proposals are advertised through appropriate industry resources and forwarded directly to companies expressing interest in or uniquely qualified to respond to business solicitations.  Prepare solicitation schedules and ensure timely contract award, execution, and renewal.

Independently perform daily concessions leasehold inspections and follow up with reports, maintenance requests and corrective action when necessary to ensure contract standards and airport lease standards are met. Provide front line customer service by serving as tenant/concessionaire liaison for the airport.  Compose and provide written and verbal responses to tenant and concessionaire inquires and complaints.  Coordinate the negotiation and preparation of leases, licenses, contracts and specifications to provide services at the airport.  Coordinate the application process, review, analyze report findings and make recommendations regarding whether or not a prospective business proposal meets development requirements.  Monitor contract terms and conditions for compliance and coordinate with tenant/concession managers to ensure contract compliance.  Design, develop, populate and routinely query Lease Management Database for reports to ensure current and accurate security deposits, performance bonds, insurance and other contractually required certificates, documents and plans are appropriately maintained and on file with the appropriate State and City departments.  Perform related work as required.


Computer, calculator, copier, office machines.


Knowledge, Abilities and Skills

Considerable knowledge of modern research techniques, methods, procedures, principles, and practices of report preparation. Considerable knowledge of general project management and business administration, and the ability to apply them efficiently.  Vast knowledge of aviation rules, regulations and minimum standards.  Ability to plan, coordinate and execute a variety of plans, programs, and activities.  Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, orally and in writing.  Ability to maintain effective working relationships as necessitated by the work.    Excel database and visual basic experience highly desirable.  Aviation or transportation industry experience required.

Minimum Training and Experience

Possession of a bachelor’s degree in business or public administration, aviation business management, hospitality management, planning, real estate, or a related field and three years of professional administrative experience in lease management, properties management, research and data analysis, contract development and business development in an aviation environment, or similar experience in another transportation or related industry; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

Environmental Requirements

Generally works in an office environment; must adapt to changing working environments.

Please note, in order to be eligible for consideration a candidate must: Apply for an open position by filling out an application for employment online or at the Mobile Regional Airport or Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley, Monday-Friday, 9am - 4pm

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