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RFP - BFM: Aircraft Wash Rack


Bidders are urged to download the construction bid documents from the website to have access to the construction documents and plan holders list and be notified when addendums are issued. Please e-mail the Designer at with your full contact information to be placed on the plan holders list.


Date BFM Aircraft Wash Rack RFP  
4/6/2022 BFM Aircraft Wash Rack - Vol. 1 of 2  Download
4/6/2022 BFM Aircraft Wash Rack - Vol. 2 of 2  Download
4/6/2022 BFM Wash Rack - Drawings  Download
4/6/2022 BFM Wash Rack - Construction Safety Phasing Plan (CSPP)  Download
4/8/2022 BFM Wash Rack - Bidders/Planholders List  Download
4/21/2022 BFM Wash Rack - Addendum #1  Download 
4/22/2022 BFM Wash Rack - Addendum #2  Download